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Sandy Hooks

Here's The Political Omnivore on the Sandy Hooks shootings:  http://politicalomnivore.blogspot.com/2012/12/firearms-massacres-and-second-amendment.html 

Here is someone's post on their facebook:
My problem is ... specifically ... with the stupidity: identity politics invoke stupidity. It's not ... specifically ... with the message (although the delivery system is so weak and so tangential that whoever created this had to put their thesis in all red, ALL CAPS--which should be some kind of 'Godwin'). 

My problem--my towering lack of respect for the poster (whom I don't know--and will be no loss if I drop him)--is that if this--this snide little non-sequitor--this light-weight amateur argumentation--this cynical attempt to make a 'clever point' is what you come up with when looking at 20 six and seven year old children shot multiple times? If this is iti?

Stop while there's less I could think of you. 

Oh shit, too late!