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I've used those ...

My daughter has to wear a school unifiorm on Fridays unless she pays a dollar to the school for the privilge of dressing in normal clothes. She asked why they did that and I told her it was probably for school funding. I reminisced about getting these little book-order forms in grade school where we'd get to choose several titles and our parents would pay for them. I suspect that the good-of-reading aside, this was funneling some profit to the school itself.

We talked about book fairs and she noted that in the future there might not even be books sold--she knows I download them. I'm getting her a tablet of some sort for Christmas. She said she'd heard of DVDs "Going away." I asked her if she'd ever used a cassett tape.

She assured me she had--she had some ...

And if her player wasn't broken, she'd watch movies on them.