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Working Out This Morning

I work out with a trainer and it's fucking ass-busting. I try to do 2 days a week and two days of marital arts training--but I've been sick and traveling. So today was my day back after missing Wednsday (the kid was up at 3:00 so I didn't make it in at 6:00 as I had to keep an eye on him ... yawn). It was fucking hard and I felt hideously out of breath. Part of that is just not having been in it for a few weeks with my normal intensity--but I'm also having (mild) trouble breathing which sucks.

I felt dizzy. 

I mentally divide exercises into two categories:
  1. If I reached failure catastrophically I would mostly be fine.
  2. If I reached failure catastrophically I would break my ass.
In the first category is, like, running. Also, like curls. Maybe dead-lifts. Bench press with a good spotter. In the second category: Stairmaster on high level. Treadmill on high-level. Dumbells at the 50lb+ mark if I am not being spotted--especially if over my head. Lunges count if the floor is hard since I will fall on my knee.

I kinda try to avoid type-2 when I'm feeling bad.