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Game Science ...

It turns out I'm willing to pay between 1.00 and 22.00 for a "game" (in the case of 22 bucks, it was 3 games) so long as (a) it looks like something I might play once or twice or (b) it looks pretty. Steam and the App store is a potent combination as these games are streamed quickly to my device (computer for Steam, phone for App store) and I can play them in a couple of minutes.

Compared to the cost of a movie (for my wife and I) this is positively cheap assuming I can play for about an hour or so. This is a very attractive price point and I'm willing to take quite a risk.

Let's see:
1. I bought DEFCON. This looks like WarGame's Global Thermonuclear War. It's pretty. It looks like it has group play--but I'll likely never ever play it against anyone--but it looked cool and it was around 2-3 dollars.
2. Deadlights. This is a side-scrolling zombie game. It looked good enough to get my attention and got good reviews. The power of reviews is pretty scary.
3. Defense Grid. Some kind of Tower Defense game. I've enjoyed Plants vs. Zombies and Revenge of the Titans so I guess I'm in the market.

The free apps from the app store have a problem my PC doesn't: screen realestate. I'm reluctant to DL something to my phone because it'll take up a slot on the first two screens. I could fix that by foldering things--but then it's two taps to get to things. Either way, this isn't the apps fault. Just my laziness.

Tangetially related: my son walked in (he's 3) with the stack of black DVD's/CDs. I was like "No Max, those aren't toys--"
then I paused. "Well, maybe they are toys. Go play."

He stacked them, unsacked them. Left a pile. I recoved them and put them back on my shelf. I wasn't too concerned. Physical media is nothing I want these days. The only concievable use for a CD as far as I can tell right now is a firm-ware upgrade where I have to boot from the disc. Other than that? Cloud? Thumb-drive? I'm not using anything large, fragile, write-once, or shiny. It's also why GameStop is dead to me.