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After recounting my Chinese food experience I was told by someone about Seamless: a food delivery service that (I was assured) would work wonderfully. I tried it.

It did, in fact, work wonderfully.

The secret sauce to internet food delivery is this:
1. Get me my food hot or, at least, warm.
2. Give me a good ordering system.
3. Give me good selections.

In NYC, at least, Seamless does this expertly. There is no "create account" link (I tried sign-in after frustratingly looking for it and it said "just order your food, we'll create the account."--so I did. And it did).

It lists a huge variety of restaurants ... with star-votes. I picked Healthy Burger which had a 4-star rating and got a chicken-soy burger (with, uh, bacon), a blueberry cheese cake, and fries. It was delicious-the four-start rating was well deserved and I steered clear of lower-star eateries! It saved my (corporate) credit card for ease of ordering tomorrow. The food came hot.

It's ... LIKE A GLOW WORM. :-O


Nov. 28th, 2012 11:34 am (UTC)
It was like one of those optical illusions where you KNOW it's wrong, looking at it going "It can't be ... it frikkin' CAN'T BE!!"

Except it was In. My. Mouth.