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If We Are All Worms ...

Try to be a Glow Worm
-- Fortune Cookie I just opened.

I'm in NYC in the Courtyard Marriott on 3rd Ave. I'd stayed here before and I remembered there was something I didn't especially like about it when I signed up but (a) it was cheap and (b) as this is my first corporate travel for my boss I wanted to keep it basic ... and they had free WiFi and a king-sized bed. So that's something.

What they lack is room service. This isn't a critical flaw--I mean, I can deal--but today, after having eaten nothing but breakfast, I wanted something warm. I ordred Chinese food from the menu the lady at the check-in counter gave me. It came shortly and I went downstairs. I gave the guy the card.

Him: "Cash."
Me: "Has to be credit--my company doesn't reimburse cash."
Him: "Cash."
Me: "Has to be credit--I'm sorry. If they'd told me on the phone--"
Him: "You didn't say how you were paying--"
Me: "I didn't know my options were limited--"

I gave them the card over phone (his phone) and the desk lady xerox'd* the receipt ... and then he took the small one so I had to cut the big piece of paper to a size so I could fit it in my wallet. 

I got the food upstairs: no silverware. Wonderful.

I don't think he's trying to be a glow worm and the Courtyard Marriott definitely isn't.

* If you're crying over my appropriation of the trademark, blow your nose with a kleenex.