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The future of computing ...

We ran errands this weekend and part of them took us to Best Buy. I needed a new HDMI cable because when a handyman moved my TV ages ago he damaged it and it would come out enough to still send a signal but not enough to send actual TV (I think there is an HDMI feedback channel and that was what wasn't working). So periodically someone would have to go jiggle the connection to get the TV back.

It was worth replacing not to have to keep doing that.

My wife also wants a new laptop. I'd suggest a Mac but she wants to keep with Windows and, to be fair, she uses some downloaded medical software that, if it runs on Windows 8, is probably better off on a Windows platform (I know from dual booting and parallels and stuff and at the end of the day I still think she's making the right choice).

We looked at some laptops. The VIAO Win-8 machine is interesting. Slim, reasonably powerful, and touch-screen. I was unexpectedly impressed by that. My son, now 3, is just learning to use the mouse--he understood the touch-screen iPad instantly: how could you not. He kept wanting to press the computer screen, the TV, etc.

The VAIO (and the other one with touch capability: the Lenovo) is a pretty slick set up. I don't know how well it would actually work at home--but while I find Windows 8 a bit confusing, I can see how, if, for example, in bed, one might prefer a touch-screen to the touch pad. I do wonder if your screen just gets infinitely dirty though: do they make those touch-screens easier to clean?

In any event, I'd be a bit surprised if touch-screen laptops don't become more common even with other OSes. We are all growing up using smart phones now and understand touching an icon as intuitively as clicking on it. Whatever the preferred convergence on form factor, I suspect that touch will be here to stay (or maybe those air-gesture systems?).

Perhaps someone will come out with a laptop that has TWO screens: one top and one bottom. The bottom can be a keyboard if you want it. Or you can have 2 the visual real estate ...