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My kid is unable to sleep because he fell asleep at 4:00 in the afternoon and slept for like 4 hours. So: Early morning for Marco. Yay, me. We took the kids on a drive through the Christmas Lights at Tradewinds park--it's a 10 minute or so (depending on car speed) drive through the (large) park and there are all kinds of Christmas-Light displays. We'd done it once before when Max was like 1 year old and he was too young to appreciate it. This time he was a lot more interested.

I've gotten over the end of Thanksgiving as a commercial holiday: in times of recession we need consumer spending and so Christmas begins the day after Halloween (which is another big consumer holiday). Make no mistake: Thanksgiving plays it's role, mostly with turkey buying and then Black Friday--which is it's own thing now--but it really doesn't even rate: 8bn for Halloween, 500bn for Christmas ("Winter Holidays").

By comparison, the 2012 election was much cheaper (est: 7bn with hard core spending of 2bn by each side).

I guess it's kind of worked on me: I'm kinda liking the Christmas displays.