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January 16th, 2013


My hot water heater broke--stopped producing hot water--and I have to have a plumber come by to fix it. This is not good as we are also having (a) a potential roof leak looked at, (b) some work on the pool needs to be done, and (c) we want to put up hurricane glass to reduce our insurance rates as they went up about 5k per year.

My nice remote control for my Bose sound system also finally succumbed to being thrown on the floor by my three-year-old. I wanted to replace it. Bose told me it cost 150.00 ... plus shipping.

I told them "Thanks--but my hot water heater just broke so I'll get back to you." It turns out the price is negotiable. It was then 100.00 with no shipping. 

I'm gonna have to keep that in mind ...